Guerlain Rouge G
Social Media Experience
A Facebook Canvas experience that lets the fans compose their very own Guerlain Rouge G. Three easy steps embedded on Facebook to find and shop online the perfect lipstick combination.

1. Pick your shade

Amid 30 beautiful and innovative
Guerlain Rouge G colors.

2. Pick your case

Amid 15 iconic case designs.

3. Your very own
Guerlain Rouge G

Voilà! A unique combination of shade
and case to suit your everyday look.

A custom framework to overcome a production challenge.

Implementing a canvas is quite easy. Facebook provides a CMS where you can simply add your media components to the layout. It’s really cool and it works just fine.

Until you decide to promote 450 possible combinations of a product. Make it 450 canvases (+ 31 canvases for the two 1st steps of the experience) to add to the Facebook back-office per language. With 6 different languages, you end up with a total of 2 886 canvases to produce.

With an average time of 10 minutes per canvas, it’s a total of 60 working days. This is why we came up with a creative & technical framework involving a Sketch plug-in and a Facebook Graph API script.